Administrative Forms  
Student Handbook 8/10/2014

Supply Lists 2016-2017 (click download to print) 7/6/2016

Soddy Elementary School

Kindergarten Supply List 2016 – 2017


*Backpack with child’s name on it

*Change of clothes in a zip lock bag labeled with child’s name


**The following items do not need your child’s name on them.  All Kindergarten students will share the supplies.

*4 boxes of crayons 24 count

*1 wide-ruled composition notebook

*1 blue plastic folder

*Elmer’s glue (2 bottles)

*1 pack of pencil cap erasers

*10 Expo dry erase markers – BLACK ONLY

*2 boxes of Kleenex

*2 Containers of Clorox wipes

*1 bottle of Germ X

*Baggies – Girls = gallon size  Boys = quart size



1 pack of white copy paper

1 box of band-aids




Soddy Elementary

First Grade Supply List  2016 – 2017



*1  plastic school box (8 3/8 x 5 3/8x 2 1/8)

*2  24 count Crayola crayons


Please do not label these items with names

*1 plastic Zipper pencil pouch (to be used in homework folder)

*6 – PLASTIC folders (2 pockets with metal brads)

         Green, red, yellow, black, blue, purple

*1 package of 4x6 colored index cards

*2 Expo markers (BLACK ONLY)

*1 package Clorox wipes

*1 glue bottle 


Girls                                                                            Boys

1 pack of gallon size Ziplock baggies                  1 pack of quart sized Ziplock baggies

3 boxes of Kleenex                                                  3 rolls of paper towels

1 pack of assorted color construction paper   1 package of card stock


Soddy Elementary

Second Grade Supply List 2016 – 2017


*1 pencil box, 5”x 8” size only

*1  24 count box of crayons

*2 glue sticks

*1 pair of Fiskars 5” scissors

*24 #2 pencils (sharpened if possible)

*2 marbles composition notebooks (Not spirals)

*4 large pink erasers

*2 Expo large black dry erase markers

*2 Expo thin black dry erase markers

*1 pocket folder with brads

*3 boxes of Kleenex

*1 pack of disinfectant wipes

*1 three ring binder 1 inch

*1 box of band-aids

*1 earphones for Ipad use



*1 box of Ziploc sandwich  baggies

*2 rolls of paper towels



*1 package of white copy paper

*1 germ gel


Soddy Elementary

Third Grade Supply List   2016 – 2017


*1 Plastic two pocket folder with brads

*3 Composition notebooks (Not spiral bound)

*1 pair of scissors

*1 large box of Kleenex

*1 white Vinyl three ring binder – 1 inch wide

*2 boxes of sharpened #2 pencils

*1 pack of crayons (24 count)

*1 ream of white copy paper

*1 plastic pencil box



*Other items needed but not mandatory:

Clorox Wipes


Zipper pouch with holes to use in binder


Please label the binder, folder, composition notebooks, pencil box and zipper pouch with your child’s name.  Headphones can be placed in a baggie with the student’s name.  All other items will be stored for general classroom use.


Soddy Elementary

Fourth Grade Supply List  2016 – 2017


*9 blacki marbled composition notebooks (not spirals)

         (6 to start the year, 3 more by 2nd semester)

*1 pack of 24 count pencils (No mechanical pencils)

*1 pair of scissors

*1 pack of colored pencils

*1 hand held pencil sharpener

*1 roll of paper towels

*2 boxes of Kleenex tissue

*1 container of disinfectant wipes

*1 pencil pouch (flat with prong holes)

*1 pack of dry erase markers

*1 pack of pencil top erasers


Boys:  1 box of zip top plastic baggies

            1 pack of wide-ruled notebook paper


Girls:   1 pack of colored or white copy paper

             3 glue sticks 


Soddy Elementary

Fifth Grade Supply List  2016 – 2017



*1 pack of Black ink pens

*5 composition notebooks per semester (Total of 10)

*1 pack of notecards

*2 rolls of Scotch tape

*1 pack of colored pencils

*1 hand held pencil sharpener

*1 pencil pouch

*1 pack of white copy paper

*1 Clorox wipes

*1 hand sanitizer

*2 rolls of paper towels

*2 boxes of Kleenex



Soddy Elementary

CDC and DCC Supply Lists   2016 - 2017


Miss Danielle Pre K CDC


White copy paper                  Clorox wipes                           Disinfectant Spray

5 Glue sticks                           Markers                                  Googly Eyes

Construction Paper                Kleenex                                   3 rolls of paper towels

AA Batteries                           Play-Doh                                 Colored Cardstock

1 inch white binder with clear view front



Ms. Antones CDC K – 2


1 box Gallon Ziplock bags      Dry erase markers                  2 containers Clorox wipes

White Copy paper                  3 rolls paper towels               5 pack glue sticks

Snacks your child will like     

Change of clothes in a Ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name

Reinforcers for your child (Skittles, M&Ms, stickers, etc)   

Diapers/pullups and wipes if your child needs them


Please pick 1 from the list below to send:

Adult Scissors             Scotch Tape                Clear sheet protectors           AA Batteries

White Cardstock        3M Wall hooks (Any Size)      Clear Package Tape   



Mrs. Harmer CDC 3-5


Pencil Pouch               Dry Erase Markers                  Clorox Wipes: 2 containers

White copy paper      3 rolls paper towels               2 boxes Kleenex

1 student scissors      1 box crayons                         2 bottles Hand Sanitizer                   

4 composition notebooks


Boys – Band-aids   Box of markers

Girls – Sandwich Ziplock Bags   1 pack white cardstock



Miss Hannah DCC  K - 5


Baby Wipes                Lysol wipes                 Paper towels              Hand Sanitizer

Plastic Spoons            Ziplock Bags                Kleenex                       Band-aids

Straws                         Paper cups                  Dry Erase markers      Clear packaging tape