What's Happening?

August 21, 2018    The students are adjusting well and learning the routines of the classroom.  So far, they have practiced becoming independent in several literacy stations, such as: Library (how to read independently and write a response), Listening (how to use the cd player, volume controls, and write a response after listening to the story), Word Work (making words with play dough), Sight Words (playing 'Kaboom' and 'Roll and Rainbow Write'), and Computer Station (how to log on to the desktop computers and ipads with username/password, volume control and how to plug in the headphones).
       In writing, they are practicing, practicing, practicing, how to form their letters and numbers.  Many students know how to do this correctly, but are rushing to get finished.  We are going back and checking over our work. :)  Each morning, students write in their journal. They are learning how to write the date, title, draw a picture, and write to a prompt. I can already see a difference from the first day of school and now. 
      In math, students have taking the online math assessment to see what skills need improvement, learned several math games like 'Shake and Spill' and "Compare Numbers-Kaboom Style", started our math scrolls by writing to 100 or above, learned our calendar routines and the "Money Poem" (I have placed a copy in the back cover of the Take Home Binder for reference and practice).
      Yesterday, the students attended their first STEM class of the year with Mrs. Phillips.  They started their STEM/Science Journal and made a plan to build a tower. We will continue next week in STEM. (We go to STEM every Monday morning, so don't be late!) 
      There are so many other things we have done, but it's time to get some sleep at the Turner House! I hope your child is enjoying school this year as much as I am.  We have had a great start and I'm excited to watch them learn and grow this year!  Have a wonderful evening, Katie Turner

Welcome to First Grade!  I'm excited to meet my new group of first graders. All registration is online this year, but we will still have a time on Friday, August 3rd from 8:30-10:30am and 5:00-6:30pm to come and meet me, bring supplies, and find the classroom.  You may come and use the school ipads to register your child online and take/upload pictures of important documents. Feel free to bring  your child's school supplies. If I'm not in my classroom, you may set supplies by the door (label the bag or leave your child's name somewhere,
so I know who the supplies belong to.)       

How will information be communicated? This year I will utilize my teacher webpage and student agenda mates to communicate important information between school and home.  I will send an information page home with instructions to sign up for email alerts through this website.  You will be able to choose how often you see my changes/additions to my class webpage.

Where do students go when they arrive at school?  Between 8:00-8:20, students may go to the cafeteria to eat FREE breakfast. If they ate breakfast at home, students will go to the gym and sit by classroom and grade level.  I will meet the students in the gym for the pledge and announcements. Then, we will go to the classroom together. 

Can students bring water bottles from home? Of course! I welcome water bottles, but they must have a lid that can be closed. We don't want any spills. Remember, only water! 

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