My Future Schools

My Future Schools
Posted on 07/08/2019
Institute of Industrial Manufacturing at Sequoyah High School.For the 2019-2020 school year, Hamilton County Schools is opening enrollment to a select group of schools, “My Future Schools,” to which students across the district will be eligible to apply. Opening enrollment to these schools will provide students with a diverse range of options outside of their neighborhood zoned school. These schools will be in addition to the 15 magnet schools that were previously open to all students.

“Choosing a child’s school is one of the most important life decisions for a parent,” said Dr. Bryan Johnson, Superintendent of Hamilton County Schools. “Whether a student has dreams of being a dancer on Broadway, an engineer designing alternative energy transportation of the future, or learning the skills needed for an exciting career in medicine, Hamilton County Schools provides opportunities and options to open doors to the vast possibilities available for your child to find success.”

There are four categories of schools students are eligible to apply for outside of their zoned school: Magnet Schools, Future Ready Institutes, Early College, and Open Enrollment Schools.

Follow this link for information on the new school options as well as news on application deadlines and open houses.

Picture below is part of the state-of-the-art machine shop located at The Institute of Industrial Manufacturing at Sequoyah High School.
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