About Us

Mission Statement

Soddy Elementary School strives to develop responsible and lifelong learners by ensuring a positive, secure, and supportive learning environment that will enable the learners to make wise choices and therefore be productive citizens. We will prepare students to score proficient or advanced on the state achievement test and writing assessment.


The Soddy Elementary School Community is a respectful, accepting, and safe learning environment where engagement and knowledge lead to success.


We at Soddy Elementary believe that:

  • All children can learn and be successful.
  • Every student can learn in different ways while using a variety of learning styles.
  • Every person is ultimately responsible for his/her own decision-making by the choices he/she makes.
  • The school is a safe place to work and learn.
  • Partnerships with families and community strengthen the school.
  • We, as a school community, agree to meet the policies, rules, regulations, and requirements set forth by state policy, district, and federal governing bodies.
  • The use of differentiated instructional practices is implemented in our building.
  • We use a variety of assessment tools to monitor achievement.
  • Our school/community practices collaborative decision making.


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